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Our department aims at preparing medical doctors highly efficient in understanding the medical issues that may face a lady during her life and pregnancy and approaching her condition in a skilled manner with integration of other teams if the condition requires such interference. Moreover, the department tends to prepare those medical students to be capable of performing their best when placed in other medical societies and with standards that are equal to their peer graduates from other international universities.


The objective of our department is that the medical student graduates with the ability of approaching and establishing rapport the patient. The student should know how to take a detailed history, thorough examination and initial management for a gynecological or obstetric case. They should be aware when multidisciplinary care is needed and should be capable of counseling patients in certain circumstances.


Teaching methods include theoretical lectures for the undergraduates using power point presentations and medical videos, seminar, preparation of log books, clinical sessions at the Obs/Gyn ward, labor ward, operating theatre and slideshows og gynecological and obstetric conditions.