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Department of Pathology & Forensic Medicine
The pathology and Forensic Medicine branch was established in 1989 as part of the College of Medicine / Al-Nahrain University, and since then the branch perform the following tasks: 1. Teaching third year /undergraduate students’ pathology material. 2. Teaching fourth year/undergraduate students forensic medicine material. 3. Teaching fifth year/undergraduate students surgical pathology material. 4. Teaching fifth year undergraduate students medical ethics material. 5. The branch also gives master's degree in the following specialties (pathology / pathological tissue, pathology/ haematology, pathology / forensic medicine). 6. The branch also gives doctorate degree in the following specialties (pathology / pathological tissue, pathology / haematology). The branch is also connected with each of Iraqi and Arabic Board of Pathology, and contributes to the training of students in the teaching hospital.

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