Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Department

The duties of quality assurance and performance evaluation department :

1.     Holding workshops and cultural seminars.

2.     Regular meetings with quality assurance members.

3.     Various questionnaires which include:

a.     Course Questionnaire.

b.     Questionnaire student satisfaction to teacher.

c.      Questionnaire satisfaction of the faculty member to the dean.

d.     Staff questionnaire.

e.     Satisfaction of the teacher to the head of his department.

4.     Regular meetings with the manager of the quality assurance department at the university.

5.     Organization and preparation of government program data (2018-2022).

6.     The annual government program description form, circulate it to the branches, collect data and send it to the university.

7.     Disseminate the annual academic program description form and send it to the university.

8.     Evaluation file for the quality of the college's annual performance and provide the university with the file.

9.     Collecting the monthly qualitative achievements of the teaching staff (quality operations, research and international conferences) and sending them to the university.

10.Coordinate with the website unit to publish the scientific curriculum for teaching staff.