Objectives of the College

1-    To prepare efficient doctors and scientists provided with medical and scientific backgrounds in addition to clinical and research skills to practice their careers actively in terms of medical ethics.

2-    To prepare trained doctors with national and international competitive skills, and able to teach, learn, and continue training lifelong.

3-    To participate in preparing future leaders in medical and educational fields through working hard to fulfill medical international standards and academic accreditation and quality requirements. In addition to achieving the global kinds of programs and educational services presented by the college to compete in the international classifications.

4-    To develop the academic programs in accordance with international standards.

5-    To enhance the abilities of medical research and upgrading efficient research production as well as keep expanding applied medical research under ethical frame.

6-    To activate participation, organization, and integration between the college and the community through applying health care programs to serve the community needs in prevention and treatment.

7-    To develop educational, training, administrative and leading skills of faculty and administrative staff.

8-    To improve the humanitarian values and responsibilities of medical students towards their patients and community.

9-    To establish scientific, cultural, and knowledge exchanging relationships with Arab and international universities and professional organizations in accordance with the Iraqi ethical and traditional values.