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Department of Human Anatomy
The anatomy branch was founded along with the establishment of the faculty of medicine in AL-Nahrain University in 1986 including: human anatomy, histology embryology, medical biology, and the electronic microscopy unit as well. The anatomy branch deals with the teaching of human anatomy materials and medical biology for the first year students, and human anatomy, histology and embryology for second year students. Moreover, the syllabuses of graduate studies for the Master's and doctoral degrees in human anatomy speciality and joint syllabuses with the rest of the college branches such as pathology, chemistry and diagnostic radiology. The branch currently continuing to grant Master's and doctoral degrees in human anatomy for students who are graduates of human medicine colleges. The first Master's degree in anatomy was granted in 1993, and the first doctorate in the philosophy of human anatomy in was in1995. In addition the branch was adopted to be as training centre for the Iraqi Council of medical specialities in the granting of the first board certification in clinical and applied anatomy in 2004.

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