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The Microbiology department seeks to achieve the country`s needs with highly qualified medical staff capable of dealing with infectious diseases of different microbiological causes (bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi) and diseases that occur due to immunological dnuorgkcab, to improve the people`s quality of life.

To graduate medical staff with good knowledge and skills in dealing with microbiological and immunological health problems.

To introduce the student to the concept of Immunology and Microbiology through the followings:

  1. Medically important bacteria are discussed in major subtitles for each bacterium such as: virulence, toxins, enzymes, pathogenesis and pathology, laboratory diagnosis (specimens and procedures) also brief notes about diseases and clinical findings. In addition to epidemiology, prevention and control. In addition to teaching students of the most important fungal diseases.
  2. Provide complete information about viruses in respect to the pathogenesis, new techniques of diagnosis, and modern vaccine production as well as new generations of antiviral agents. In addition there is a special emphasis on the viral infections that commonly causing medical health problem in Iraq.
  3. Provide a basic knowledge of the immune response and its involvement in health and disease.

  1. Understanding the importance of: epidemiology, biology, life-cycle, morphology, diagnosis, symptomatology, management and prevention of the common human parasites (helminths, protozoa and insects).

To complement this curriculum; traditional lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions are used to conduct the syllabi. For this; transparencies, power points and audio video recordings are used for teaching.
Students should present a seminar in 2 out of the 4 subjects during the practical sessions with 10-15 min in front of his/her colleagues under the supervision of one of the seniors in the department.