Effect of Annealing on the Transformation Behavior of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy
سهام صباح عبد الله
Authors : Siham S. Abdullah; Jenan H. Taha
Shape memory alloys (SMAs) have enormous potential for a wide variety of applications. Therefore there has been a wide concern for studying the properties of those alloys. In this study polycrystalline alloys from shape memory alloy have been prepared successfully by thermal plasma spray in a wire form of 3 mm diameter in a graphite cast with three different ratios Ni50Ti50, Ni50.5Ti49.5 and Ni51Ti49. Its structure has been tested by means of X-ray diffraction technique. It has been noticed that annealing at 500° C helps to transform part of the material from an austenite phase into a martensite phase .It has also been noticed that increasing Ni proportion more than 50% to Ti in the alloy increases the martensite phase. The temperature of phase transformation as a function to the temperature of NiTi was calculated by using Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) at a temperature between 100°C and -80.0°C in a …

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