Male Fertility Supplements (MFS Plus) Treatment Improve Semen Quality in a Sample of Iraqi Infertile Males
ماجد حميد احمد
Authors : Haider M. M. Dabbach, Majid H. Ahmed
Background:At least in 25% of infertile men, no identifiable cause can be attributed to the problem,so it is termed idiopathic infertility. Those men are candidates for empiric medical therapy which include antioxidant therapy. Men upplement Plus (MFS Plus) uses a powerful all-natural formula of many antioxidants in addition to Relora to improve semen quality. Objectives:To evaluate the effect of MFS Plus on sperms concentration, motility and morphology in men with oligo and/or asthenozoopermia in sample of Iraqi infertile males. Methods:Acomparative clinical trial study was conducted at High Institute of Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies during the period from July 2015 till February 2017. Male partner of infertile couples who had one or more of the following criteria oligo, astheno, and/or teratozospermia according to criteria of WHO 2010 were involved in this study. Eighty-one males were divided randomly into two groups, the first group (group A) were given MFS Plus capsule AMS® (America Medic & Science) two capsules twice daily for three months and the second group (group B) were given vitamin E capsule (one capsule three times daily) for the same period.A second semen analysis were done after three months for each subject in both groups to show the effect of both types of treatment on semen quality. Results:There was a highly significant increase in sperms progressive motility % (14.0±11.41 vs 29.35±15.61, p value < 0.001) and a highly significant decrease in immotile sperms % (60.15±19.3 vs 41.52±18.18, p value < 0.001) in the group of patients who received MFS Plus treatment. Moreover, there was significant increase in sperm concentration and percentage of normal sperm morphology (p value = 0.027, 0.019 respectively). However, no significant change was observed regarding semen volume and percentage of non-progressive motility.Whereas there were no significant changes in any of semen analysis parameters in the group of patients (group B) who received placebo. Conclusion:MFS Plus usage for three months is very beneficial for sperm motility in addition to its valuable effect on sperm concentration and morphology and it is more efficient than vitamin E alone. Keywords:male infertility, sperm motility, antioxidants, MFS plus, vitamin E.

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