Effect of Two Different Formulae of Fibrin Sealant on Mice Skin Wound Healing
ماجد حميد احمد
Authors : Sarah H. Khalid, Majid H. Ahmed, Huda R. Kammona
ABSTRACT : Fibrin sealant has been used for many years in a wide range of clinical applications for suture support, tissue adhesion and hemostasis. Fibrin sealant usually composes from mixing cryoprecipitate and thrombin during application to the applied site. Premature lysis of fibrin sealant can be prevented by supplementation with antifibrinolytic agent such as tranexamic acid. Platelets play chief role in all stages of the physiological hemostasis. The clinical performance of fibrin sealant is influenced by the time that needed for clotting and duration for clot lysis. The objective of this study was to prepare two different formulas of fibrin sealant and measure the clotting time and duration of lysis for each formula in addition to show the effect of two formulas on the skin wound healing in Albino mice. This study had been performed at the laboratories of Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, Al-Nahrain University during the period from March (2018) to June (2018). Twenty samples for each formula of fibrin sealant were prepared at the following ratio: Formula I: cryoprecipitate with Thrombin (10:1); Formula II: cryoprecipitate with Thrombin addition of both platelets and tranexamic acid (10:1:10:0.5). Mice models with skin wounds were employed to evaluate the clinical efficacy and usefulness of the fibrin sealant. Skin was excised with full thickness about 2 cm from the skin wound borders and tissue were prepared for paraffin sections that stained with hematoxylin and eosin. Both of clotting time and duration of lysis for formula II was significantly longer than that of formula I (25.05±1.96 sec, 12.45±2.42 sec), (324.68±7.45 hr, 189.93±9.33 hr) respectively, (P value <0.001). Regarding healing of skin wound, applying formula I was superior in wound healing of mice within 5 days in comparison to suturing or applying formula II of fibrin sealant. In conclusion, addition of both platelets and tranexamic acid to formula I delay clotting time and duration of lysis. Applying formula I of fibrin sealant is the best for skin wound healing in mice. Key words : Fibrin sealant, clotting time, skin wound healing, mice.

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