InSimu patient
Under the auspices of the esteemed Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Nahrain University (Prof. Anis Khalil Nayel)
In light of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), the College announces the start of work on the global InSimu patient program for real simulation of patients and of all specialties, as close to reality as possible through the latest means and methods, and was activated exclusively for professors and students of the Faculty of Medicine, Nahrain University (@ ced.nahrainuniv.edu.iq) and through the link:
This application performs several things through exposure to patients in a virtual reality in terms of disease history, clinical examination marks, analyzes and required examinations, all with the calculation of cost and time required for that, in order for the students to continue their practical education in this difficult circumstance and to sharpen their motivation to apply what has been studied theoretically. We call on all respected teachers and dear students to quickly register, kindly, and may God grant success.