Electronic clinic


Under the supervision of the respected President of Al-Nahrain University (Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel Aziz Al Shawi) and under the direction of Prof. Dr. Anis Khalil  Nayel, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Al- Nahrain University, It was decided to start setting up an electronic clinic under the supervision of the teaching staff from the Faculty of Medicine  Al-Nahrain University :

Prof. Dr. Anis Khalil Nayel

Prof. Dr. Ihsan Sobhi Al-Baldawi

Prof. Dr. Wasim Fadel Al-Tamimi

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Shaker Khudair

Dr. Ahmed Majeed Rashid

Dr. Zaid Abd Ali Habib

Dr. Yasser Fadel Al-Khazraj

Dr. Jaafar Amir Abdul Amir

Dr.. Sinan Abdul Razzaq Ibrahim

Dr. Yasser Amer Issa

Dr. Haider Abdul Hamid

Dr. Omar Faisal Abdul Karim

Dr.Yasser Mohammed Hussein

Dr. Rafid Bashir Hashem

Dr. Laith Amir Abdul Hussein

Dr. Firas Salman Al-Quraishi

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Bedir

B. Muhannad Ali Mahdi


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